BULLETIN: Manny Opens Website! The World Is Nervous!

Heya everybody! I've decided to open a site where anyone who is interested can come listen to alot of the music in which I've been involved over the years -- from the Grodes/Tongues of Truth in the 60's -- to Fire & Rain in the '70's -- to Ian Messenger in the 80's -- to my latest CD, Way Back Home. recorded in '05. I've ordered the songs from most recent recordings first to oldest last (although I can't say I'm completely sure about SOME of the dates). I also hope to add from time to time background notes about various recordings. By way of introduction, the first 18 tracks here are from my '05 CD, Way Back Home. I wrote them, engineered them on ProTools, produced them -- and performed them -- so I have no one to blame but myself. The only exceptions were some great guitar and harmonies from Dilbert Pickle (aka Dale Hubersberger) on Mighty River and Waiting Here, which he co-wrote. Feel free to contact me at NUGGUITZ@aol.com with any questions, comments or observations. CDs can be purchased at http://cdbaby.com/cd/mannyfreiser. I sure hope that you enjoy some of the stuff -- and just spread the word...

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