1. SUZI

From the recording SUZI

A song for my only girl. She never wants presents, 'Just write me a song.' Well, here's your birthday and Mother's Day song for 2017. you really ARE "all the world to me."


Here comes another night alone
I have no one to blame but myself
Can’t face the fault that I must own
Pride and ego are my private hell
If truth be told I know that I was wrong 
You know me too well I cannot hide
Please forgive those foolish words I said
Open up and let me back inside
Suzi stay with me
I don’t wanna fight no more
Suzi lay with me
 Let me love you like before
You’ve had me howling at the moon
Just about to lose my head
Come on and throw this old dog a bone
You’ve got to let me back into your bed
Repeat Chorus
Suzi I’m speaking the truth
You are all the world to me
Suzi don’t say goodbye
Can’t you see I’m on my knees