What Is A Grode?! 

People have asked me, "What is a Grode?" I could only tell them that the word meant dirty or messy -- probably derived either from surfing lingo of the mid-60s or from the Veatles 'grotty.' I've since found another -- not inconsistent -- meaning for the word. In a sports-related novel, Backyard Brawl (Random House), by W. K. Stratton, a passage describes rites observed by the infamous, bonfire-burning Texas Aggies: "Before A&M officials halted the annual bonfire tradition--known by the proper name…

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Interview on 60sgaragebands.com 

If you get the chance, check out an interview I did recently with Mike from 60sgaragebands.com: http://www.60sgaragebands.com/pages/905760/index.htm

BULLETIN: Manny Opens Website! The World Is Nervous! 

Heya everybody I've decided to open a site where anyone who is interested can come listen to alot of the music in which I've been involved over the years -- from the Grodes/Tongues of Truth in the 60's -- to Fire & Rain in the '70's -- to Ian Messenger in the 80's -- to my latest CD, Way Back Home. recorded in '05. I've ordered the songs from most recent recordings first to oldest last (although I can't say I'm completely sure about SOME of the dates). I also hope to add from time to time…

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