From the recording HUMANITY

The populism that is 'sweeping western countries' is the harbinger of really bad news for all of us -- especially in this era of renewed nuclear proliferation. Populist leaders ironically claim to be the 'voice of the people.' But once voted into power by the frustrated working class, they morph into totalitarian strongmen -- whose machinations crush the working class, sow division and hate --and endanger -- well, HUMANITY... 


How I long to live to see
A life lived in love and peace
A world where hatred lives no more
Good will is law there’ll be no more war
Verse 1
Dark skies storm warning
Big lies the truth’ll be dawning
The Eagle has flown it’s already gone and
Dark night Red morning
Verse 2
He’s got a chip on his shoulder and a loosening screw
He’s got an enemies list and he’s coming for you
He’s got a nuclear button that he’s itching to use
But you might be the lucky one to make it through 
Verse 3
Just in case you think it’s some kind of joke
Something in the system is terribly broke
Those guys in DC they just blowing smoke
Condition critical: it’s no hoax
There is obstruction
There is collusion
There is misinformation and widespread confusion   
Will you won’t you can’t you see the tragedy
Humanity is a terrible thing to waste – don'tcha think
Verse 4
Hey kid where’d your mama go
I saw her at the border just a while a go
She gave you to the man said it’s safe to go
But you might not ever see her face no more
Humanity is a terrible thing to waste – don’t you think
Humanity is a terrible thing to waste