From the recording ONCE GREAT PLANET EARTH

The scene: a not-too distant time in the future. Man has failed to heed scientists' dire warnings to take steps necessary to save earth's atmosphere and other resources. An elite team of astronauts, scientists and social leaders has been launched into space, 'to the moon and then to Mars,' to establish a base for eventual population by earth's survivors. During their mission, they are informed that Mars is not, after all, a viable destination. Now they wander outer space as Captain Damon Nomad copes with crisis after crisis -- technical and physical issues with their giant space shuttle/station, Magellan -- issues among the stressed and fearful crew members -- matters of panic and discouragement among those still on earth as their safety and survival becomes increasingly tenuous. The leader who has locked earthlings in this battle against extinction is compared to a certain Roman emperor: 'Nero played his fiddle as Rome burned and died, while those who could have stopped his madness, instead they took his side.' That about says it all. Join Nomad and his crew aboard Magellan 'sailing out across the universe' in their quest for survival and their search for a new world.


We ride a rocket out of Eden
Left our home so far behind  
We are forever exiled
For the crimes of all mankind
 Well the temperatures they were rising
As poisons filled the air
And yet they would not believe it 
Until the end was near
 Was it their greed
Or were they just not up to the task
Now we are doomed to live their future
Because they fucked (messed) our past
To the moon and on to Mars
Sailing out across the universe
We are all who still remain
Of The Once Great Planet Earth
Lone wanderer to the stars
Sailing out across the universe
We are all who still remember
The Once Great Planet Earth
Don’t you dare look back now
You might turn to stone
We must face not fear the future
Somewhere beyond the twilight zone
The captain he has been troubled
I see it on his face  
He knows we ain’t nothing but a message in a bottle
Hurled against the endless sea of outer space
What will we tell the children
They accuse us with their eyes
They know that we have failed them
We know we never really even tried
Nero played his fiddle 
As Rome burned and died
While those who could have stopped his madness
Instead they took his side
So set a course for the future
Bang this bucket til the burners bleed
Set your heart and mind on ‘wide open’
Say a little prayer wish all Godspeed 
Answer lyrics:
Lions roared
Eagles soared
The closing door
The closing door