From the recording LA NIGHTS

Life was just simple back in the day when I was courting and marrying Patti. We had no money, but we had love, and we had music. Nearly every night after a dinner of Kraft mac and cheese dinner (25 cents a box -- add stick of butter and go nuts!) we filled the tank of my forest green GTO with gas (at seventeen cents per gallon, it was just about the least expensive activity) and drove around town checkin' out the city lights and the mansions, one of which we would soon surely own. With Hendryx, Cream, Joplin, Led Zep and Stones blasting and windows down to experience that LA jasmine in the summer air, we were probably as happy as we'd ever be......


Down the Golden Coast
Where the players play
How the palm trees sway
Love is always in the air
There I met a girl 
Flowers in her hair
She stole my heart away
What a fantasy we shared
LA nights City lights
Crusin' down the 101
Hand in hand with my only one 
And dreamin' on dreamin' on
LA nights City lights
The world below the stars above
This night was made for love
You and I LA nights
Advantage curve
You are almost in my lap again
Feel so good right now
Better than I don't know when
Tonight will be the night
A night we'll always remember
Gonna catch that lucky star
Re-light that glowing ember
On a midnight run
Down the Magic Highway
Past gleaming city spires
Chase that dream we're on our way
So sing along with me 
Turn the music high
LA Girl you belong with me
Together we will fly