From the recording HAPPY ENDINGS

SHE is the Magic Girl, my niece, the beautiful Melissa (see Sweet Melissa, also written for her). HE is her true love Joachim. On May 25, 2019, they (will or did) Join each other in the amazing adventure of marriage. Joachim and I are BOTH captivated (but in different ways, of course!) by this truly inspirational young woman! She makes us -and everyone else she meets - believe in HAPPY ENDINGS! 


Verse  1
We were floating 
Through this world alone
Then we found each other
And we found a home
Now we stand
At the edge of our dream
On a new day together
You and me
Verse 2
Take this hand
Don’t Let Go
We are stronger together
And oh so close 
Kiss these lips
Know my soul
Only yours
To have and hold
I believe in happy endings
Forever love
Happy endings
Blue skies above
Happy endings
Verse 3
By this vow
I pledge my all
I hold nothing back
I’ll be there to break your fall
I promise now
By that rainbow above
All the colors
Of life and true love 
 Repeat Chorus
I wanna see the world together
 The whole wild ride
I wanna wake up in Paris
Lying by your side
I wanna feel like there’s nothing
In this world we ain’t tried
I wanna know you My Love
With nothing to hide
Take me inside
Verse 4
Oh god
If you’re out there tonight
Bless their path 
With your heavenly light
Repeat Chorus