From the recording FIRE IN THE HOLE

There's ALWAYS that HOPE that something you write will break through all of the noise out there and become lodged in the American psyche; that it will stand for something. But if SO many more powerful voices can't pierce the shrieking madness, what glimmer of hope is there for a plain ole rock & roll song to make a difference?! I just hope that YOU find it meaningful  -- and yeah: maybe even CATCHY!


Somewhere back we took a wrong turn
The signs were clear but we did not learn
Now it’s a matter of grave concern
The kingdom will burn
They said we had nothing to lose
It didn’t matter who you choose
It’s just the Reds against the Blues
And it’s all fake news
There’s thunder on the road
There’s terror on the fly
There’s Fire In The Hole
There’s lightning in the sky
Pedal to the metal smoking down the track
I can’t see what’s coming the sky’s so black
From both sides catching heavy flack
Prepare for attack
RAP Bridge
Egos soaring
Faithless lying
Crashing swords and flames on high
Gruesome tales of bodies flying
Senselessly the dream is dying