Hey, thanks for dropping by -- I really appreciate it!

I'm proud to announce the release of my memoir, Tracks In The Sands of Time, tales of my rock & roll love affair. This book contains episodes from my childhood through my time with The Grodes in the sixties. (Volume II, coming next year, will cover my life from moving to L.A. in '68 to the present.) I hope you enjoy!


The rest of the tracks are in reverse chronological order so, starting at the top, you'll find my more recent stuff, recorded at home in my office/studio (Bigger Than The Sky, the first track recorded in my home studio, will therefore be at the bottom of the list of home recordings) -- all the way down through Ian Messenger in the 80's -- Fire & Rain in the 70's -- to the Grodes in the 60's at the bottom the list. 

Here are some of my other favorite tracks:

I really got a kick out of recording my collection of covers, aptly named Covers (mostly recordings of other artists' material): check out Jumpin' Jack Flash, Susie Q (dedicated to MY Suzi) and Poor Side of Town -- and my re-do of my OWN 'underground cult classic,' Let's Talk About Girls.

The Lucky Ones is a take on all of the nasty politics of the 2016 election -- and more. See on YouTube:

Also check out the joyous Dotty, starring our dogs, Maggie and Jack. They frolicked and just loved each other in G-rated 'doggie style.' This track is TOTALLY different than most of my stuff. I love the silly YouTube video: ttps://

The War - written for and about my darling daughter, Sara. The making of this homemade video, starring Sara, was based our real lives, and powerfully emotional for me. See YouTube video:

Cry A Little Longer - a remake of The Grodes' original 60's record, featuring John (JR) Rutchland on lead guitar -- the original, the number 46 record on the chart of ALL-TIME GARAGE ROCK SINGLES, still played on Sirius Radio, is at the bottom of the track list

The One Love - my wife Suzi's fave - I wrote this for her after a fight -- recorded at home and featuring my old friend and band mate, Dale Hubersberger on lead guitar and violin. Suzi helped produce suggesting Dale's emotional lead solo.

The Moment - also recorded at home -- it actually got some airplay around the country, and you can catch my own video production on YouTube. Even though I used video footage from another video (licensing in progress), I'm really proud of how the video turned out: the marriage of video to story line and music feels really right. See YouTube video:

Waiting Here - again with buddy, Dale - this was conceived, written and recorded on a single lazy, rainy afternoon, which started inauspiciously enough with Dale passing out disinterestedly as usual on my office daybed, me rudely waking him to get to work, and resulting in this nostalgic reverie to lost love.

Bigger Than the Sky - this was my first attempt at home record production -- I think Phil Collins In The Air Tonight was the inspiration and aspiration. At least my aspiration was Bigger Than The Sky.

Wedding Song - a studio demo of the song written for Suzi and my wedding on 1/1/90

Wait So Long - written for my ex, Patti, just after she left me for my 'best friend' - I became the reclusive Ian Messenger for this 1986  release, which got some great airplay in the southeast, including WROQ in Charlotte.

Livin in The Night - this was my first release as the lonely Ian Messenger -- the video received strong airplay on MTV, and the record hit the college charts.

Hello Stranger -- Patti and my 'HIT' record - I didn't write this one - it's a remake of the 60's hit by Barbara Lewis - Patti nailed it!

Chandelier - I wrote this song during the intensely hot (and the weather was hot, too!) Tucson summer for Patti - she said that it made her fall in love with me -- and she convinced me I should stop going to law school and move to LA to become a rock star. I promptly did that -- move, that is (Patti also moved there) -- aah, the fall of '67)

Let's Talk About Girls - this is the original version by The Tongues of Truth (The Grodes with a temporary name change) of my 'underground cult classic' -- it's been recorded by several groups around the world, including a girl group, The Brood, who called it Let's Talk About Boys -- the 'hit' version by The Chocolate Watchband, from the #195 album of all time, Nuggets of the Psychedelic Era, is still played on Sirius Radio's Garage Channel (Little Steven's Underground Garage) and many other places - I'm told that the song is considered a 'forerunner of 80's punk/new wave' -- this original recording hung at the very bottom of the KTKT radio charts in Tucson in '67 -- I signed away the publishing and VOILA: 20 years later I hear from a co-worker at A&M Records that it's an important song!? Hey, I'll TAKE whatever recognition I can get! See several versions on YouTube: 

Cry A Little Longer - this is the original version by The Grodes that is played on Sirius Radio -- that is listed as 'the number 46 single on the All Time Greatest Garage Rock Singles chart -- a 7" vinyl record recently auctioned off on eBay for $1,065!!? Also catch several YouTube videos by groups from around the world!

Hope you enjoy -- thanks for listening!