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October 2, 2016

I was writing a song to record with ex Fire & Rain'er and ex-wife Patti. I asked my daughter, Sara, to do a rough vocal so Patti could have a scratch vocal from which to work. Sara did one take and, as usual, advised me, "I'm over it -- you have all you need," and walked out -- the brat! Yeah: brat -- but talented vocalist. Sara literally OWNED the song, so here are me and Sara singing the roles of two down-on-their-luck strangers who have a one-nighter.

So this guy walks into a bar lookin’ in a bad way

Throws down a pile of green to chase his blues away (and he says)

I flew my jet down to Cabo from my mansion in L.A.

I may make millions tomorrow but I lost my baby today


So this girl walks into a bar lookin’ in a bad way

She turns away to walk out but then decides to stay (and she says)

I had a man who  re ally  loved me I only wanted to be free

Now you know I’ve got my freedom I’d give it all for something real



You look like someone I can talk to

Someone who’s been where I’ve gone

Who knows that Everything don’t mean a thing

If it ain’t the thing you want


I’m so lonely tonight girl won’t you spend a little time

If we made a little love it wouldn’t be no crime

I can’t promise you nothin’ ‘cuz I don’t like to lie

I just need someone to hold onto to get through this night


Well I ain’t goin’ nowhere so maybe just one dance

I ain;t got no reason not to take a chance

Feelin’ the night  comin’ on I could really use a friend

Who knows what we might imagine if we just pretend





If it ain’t love at least you’re someone to hold on to

If this ain’t love it’s all about this moment and god knows I need you