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October 2, 2016

Another tale of frustrated rockstar ambitions -- wonder where it came from? Well, I don't have to 'make it' to enjoy rocking' out and making' noizz!

Crusin’ down the highway

Near the edge of town

My fever’s goin’ up

As the sun is goin’ down


Feelin’ pretty good yeah

With you sittin’ by my side

No I ain’t Elvis (no you ain’t son)

But tonight you gotta lie to me



Come on and love me like a Rockstar

The hero of the night

Come on and get up on my guitar

We’ll ride it til the morning light


I hear that they’ve been talkin’

Tryin’ to put me down

Lately I’ve been dreamin’

Gotta blow this town


So rev it up on me

Ain’t no limit on how far we can go

Just put me in charge pretty baby

And watch me steal the show


Come on and love me like a Rockstar

Steal this moment from the night

All I need is all you’ve got girl

If anyone can save me well you might