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October 2, 2016

I started singing the title riff -- and it just made me smile. Sure, I was writing about an imaginary girl -- but suddenly it dawned on me: I was really writing about our little black & white doggy girl, Maggie (she plays Dotty in the YouTube video

Dotty was rescued by my wife, the incredible Dr. Suzi ( Dotty had been run over by a truck, and was brought in to be put down. Suzi nursed her back to health. this is certainly one of the happiest dogs that has ever lived: the very moment she opens her eyes in the morning, she races around the bed at full speed 'oohing and aching' in dog language of course, and kissing us over and over. She really DOES spread "a little joy and love into everybody’s life!"





La Dot’n Dottie Dot Dot Dottie


I’ve got a girl named Dotty

She wakes up every morning with the sunshine in her eyes

She’s always spreadin’ that light around

Bringin’ a little joy and love into everybody’s life 


She’s got me feelin’ good

Don’t need no particular reason ‘cause she’s here tonight

I feel the weight of my world just lifting off

And the wonderful feeling that everything’s gonna work out alright



La Dot’n Dottie Dot Dot Dottie

Go go  go go Dotty

La Dot’n Dottie Dot Dot Dottie

Oh my Dottie ya really really got me girl



I’ve been workin’ too hard (don’t ya do it don’t ya do it)

Too much worry in my heart (don’t ya do it don’t ya do it)

Gotta make a brand new start (gotta do what I gotta do)

Promise we’ll never be apart (“Cuz Dotty oh Dotty it’s you!)




And when the rain starts fallin’

And the skies are dark threatening

We cocoon by the warmth of the fire in the light of our love and I sing