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D Bminor G & A

August 20, 2016
Manny Freiser√

From the second verse on, this is exactly the story of Suzi and me: I wrote her a song (Fly Homeward Angel), played the cassette - yes, cassette, 1988 -- as we drove on the 101. She said, "I think I'm falling in love with you." I thought she was kidding -- and laughed. She said, "I'm serious."What better result can one EVER hope for in  a song. I'm always fantaszing about having that 'big hit record,' forgetting that I wanted hit records to impress the girls -- and this song really DID that! I hereby award myself The Suzi Award -- for EFFECTIVE songwriting.


D Bminor G & A 

The magic of the music takes me all the way

D Bminor G & A T

Hey nana nana nana hey hey


When I was but a young boy dreamin’ ‘bout the girls

A wise woman told (should be ‘taught’) me how to rock their world

Get yourself a guitar learn a few chords

Sing a little song and she’ll be yours




I met a little girl crazy don’t ya know it

Well I loved her from the start but i was too afraid to show it

So I sang her my song I played it from the heart

She said “I think I love you” and never did we part




To this day it turns her on

I just play those chords and she knows just what I want