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August 12, 2016
Manny Freiser

This a turbulent and decisive moment in U.S. history which may determine the course of our country for generations to come: friendly and open or angry and closed; considerate and nuanced or crass and reckless; a governing process about which we can proudly tell our children -- or one for which we must hide the ugliness from them with shame and embarrassment? Check out the video on YouTube:

Oh we're the lucky ones


So many hateful words

Setting an ugly stage

Then they sit back and pontificate

Speculate what could have caused such rage


I'm not your enemy

Though that's what they'd have you believe

They steal our pride and our souls and our lives

All the while as we fight and bleed


But hey we're The Lucky Ones

Still breathing this air

While the ghosts of the fallen

Haunt our despair


And don't you know we're The Lucky Ones

Still breathing this air

Leave hate to the haters we're strong enough

Choose love if you dare


There's enough for everyone

If they don't take it all

So lay down your bombs and your guns and your hate

It's never too late to stand tall


Oh we're The Lucky Ones

We still have our voice

And a chance in our time to do the right thing

Make the right choice


Rich old men sending young men to war

To die for their gods and their countries once more


Oh we're The Lucky Ones

Still breathing this air

But never forget the fallen

Tell me how much do you care


Don't you know we're The Lucky Ones