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Fire In The Hole

Fire In The Hole on YouTube

The Lucky Ones by Manny Freiser
Sara Freiser Stay With Me

This beautiful, intimate, delicate heartfelt informal (just strummin' in her room) performance touches the heart.

Cry A Little Longer: Designated #46 on the All Time Best Garage Rock singles Chart

And here's the review:

One of the most memorable tunes in the entire garage pantheon, hear this band from Tucson, Arizona literally pounding out a monster pop masterpiece with power and finesse. Unlike their other 45's, this one released in 1966 is hideously rare. We have heard from a most trusted source that only 4 copies are known. This after 2 copies have appeared on eBay in the last few years.It seems likely that more will surface. Hear it on the Pebbles Box. Flip is a cool original Manny Freiser R&B raver.

#982 on the Top 1000 All Time Garage Singles Chart: Let's Talk About girls:
Real Me
The Whole World Is Watching
Anthem of the Working Man, by 99%

I wrote it with Occupy Wall Street movement, the middle class and the working man in mind -- and having recently re-read Animal Farm. Dale Hubersberger and I put the video together.

Personal UFO video
Personal UFO - Review of Single and Video

I hope you'll get a kick outa this -- I did!

CDBaby - Believe CD

My latest collection, released 11/1/10. I especially recommend Personal UFO, Heart To Heart, Believe and Rear View Mirror. Hope you enjoy...

CDBaby - History CD
To buy the History CD
CDBaby -- The Moment CD
To buy The Moment CD
CDBaby -- Prevail CD
To buy the Prevail CD
CDBaby -- Way Back Home CD
To buy the Way Back Home CD
Hear my music on!
The Moment Music video on YouTube
The Moment set against the backdrop of magical footage from Final Fantasy.
Livin' In The Night music video on YouTube
This video of Livin' In The Night (under the alias Ian Messenger, was directed by Doug Gayeton in 1986. It received moderate MTV play.
Ride Out The Storm music video on YouTube
Recorded as Ian Messenger in 1986 -- video directed by Doug Gayeton.
Fired Up & Ready To Go Video on YouTube
Obama Campaign Theme Song
Originally written for American Idol -- now it's JUST FOR YOU
Diamond Rangs Video -- Cry A Little Longer Is First Song
The Diamond Rings, from France, perform Cry A Little Longer in this video.
Your Father's Music
Dan Dotson's great site features Tucson, AZ artists & music. There's not only stuff on the Grodes/Tongues, but on ALL of the bands we competed with for radio airplay, sales -- and even in Battles of the Bands. Wow -- deja vu!
Music Press Releases - UK

Hey, they're listing my CD, BELIEVE!

Cry A Little Longer Cover on YouTube
ANOTHER Cry A Little Longer Cover on YouTube
Cry A Little Longer, by The Diamond Rangs

Live from France!

LTAG -- The Tongues of truth

A soft porn version?! From WHO knows where?!

I Won't Be There, by The Grodes

Actually, this is the Manny Freiser version -- PRE Grodes, but has become known as an early Grodes version. The Grodes actually DID record a (WAY TOO FAST) version of the song soon after I joined (back side of our first group release, Uh Huh Girl.

Anyway, this video is SO loopy, it MUST be noticed! I have absolutely NO idea who concocted this 'Marx Bros-Style Soft Porn Whatever!!??'