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Manny (don't call him Emanuel) Freiser wrote two influential underground cult classics, Let's Talk About Girls, and the #46 song on the All-Time Garage Rock chart, Cry A Little Longer. In the seventies, he and ex-wife, Patti McCarron, as Fire & Rain, recorded the Billboard Hot Hundred almost-hit (#100 on the chart), Hello Stranger. Manny also worked as a record marketing ecexutive at A&M Records, with such acts as Police, Supertramp and Styx. He later worked for Quincy Jones' Qwest Records, at the same time moonlighting as the enigmatic artist, Ian Messenger. The mystery remains to this day: did Quincy even know that Manny was also Ian?! Since 2004, Manny has released several self-penned, performed and produced collections of intelligent lyrical and melodic ballads and rockers.  The single, The Moment, received airplay around the country, and the single, Fire In The Hole, garnered nearly a quarter of a million views on YouTube. Like Fire In The Hole, Manny’s latest single, Humanity, can best be classified ‘political rock.’